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Mobile Massage Therapist
All massage therapists fully qualified and experienced. Home & office visits available in London and the South East
Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Which therapy should I choose?

: There is no right or wrong answer here. I would suggest that you decide what you want to get from a therapy. Do you want to treat a specific condition or just relax. Then contact your therapist to discuss the options available and who will be able to suggest which therapy may be more suited to your needs.

: How often should I have a therapy session?

: This will depend entirely on what you would like to achieve.  If you are just wanting to relax or have a treatment, then the frequency is up to you, however, if you are looking to treat a specific condition i.e.: Insomnia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Headaches or Sinusitis, to name but a few, then we would advise that you follow and agreed treatment plan which we would suggest to you after your first assessment.
: What is a "Healing Reaction"?

: This is the body's natural responses to a therapy, and can include feeling tired, hungry or thirsty; increased need to pass water, increased energy and metabolism and improved sleep patterns. All of which are good healing reactions. However, sometimes you may experience minor aches and pains, symptoms similar to a head cold and even spots. You may even experience a slight worsening of symptoms that you want to treat. This is also a NORMAL body response and indicates that your treatment is working well. Symptoms should pass within 24-48 hours following treatment.

: What can causes me to feel rough after a treatment?

: All forms of therapy help improve the body's natural balance by stimulating the body's systems. This includes the systems responsible for the removal of waste products from the cells. By stimulating these systems, we release the toxins that have been stagnating, into the circulatory and lymphatic system to be removed from the body by means of the skin, urine or bowels. The best way to reduce the incidence of this type of Healing Reaction is to increase your intake of water or fluids to approximately 2-2.5 litres per day during the first 24-48 hours post treatment.